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Knee & Balance Health Therapy

Combined Yoga and Pilates method


Next dates: Saturday 08 June 2024

Physiotherapy technique, Yoga and Pilates.

The Pilates technique has evolved a lot. The Bosu combines the basics of Pilates and proprioception to create functional sessions also used in Yoga therapy. Here you will learn how to structure a class that respects the harmony between flexions, extensions and rotations in order to lengthen the muscles, promote correct mechanics and avoid injuries and bad postures.

fantastic tool for working on proprioception and the stabilizers of the body while integrating the mobilizing muscles. On the physical level it is particularly interesting to connect the work of the deep muscles and the superficial muscles. This approach gives a new dimension to Pilates exercises.

"Discover our specialized training in Pilates and Yoga for knee rehabilitation.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, fitness instructor, or simply someone looking to improve their understanding and skills in knee rehabilitation, our training program is designed for you.

Knee rehabilitation is essential to regain optimal mobility and prevent future injuries. Pilates and Yoga are disciplines that have proven to be extremely beneficial for knee rehabilitation by strengthening muscles, improving joint stability and promoting flexibility. Through our in-depth training, you will learn specific Pilates and Yoga techniques that directly target the muscles and joints of the knee, promoting quick and effective recovery.

Our training program emphasizes a holistic approach to knee rehabilitation. You will learn how to assess the individual needs of your patients, design personalized workouts, and adapt exercises based on specific limitations and goals. We cover the anatomical, physiological and biomechanical aspects of knee rehabilitation, as well as breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques to promote overall healing.

By following our training, you will be able to integrate the principles of Pilates and Yoga into your existing practice or create specialized rehabilitation programs for your clients.

You will also develop an in-depth understanding of common knee disorders, such as ligament injuries, cartilage problems, and chronic pain, and be able to apply effective rehabilitation strategies to help your patients regain mobility.

Join us now and discover how Pilates and Yoga can be powerful tools for knee rehabilitation.

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your patients.

Enroll in our knee rehabilitation training today and begin your journey to increased expertise and exceptional results.

Our Certifications

Our continuing education courses are ASCA recognized. Our institute is recognized as “Eduqua”, the Quality label for continuing education. Thanks to this label, you can benefit from a training voucher.

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Your trainer.

Your trainer.

Miranda and her team offer high quality Yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as high-level training.

Continuing education

Prevent and cure through the practice of Yoga and Pilates.

Complete course:
This training can be followed continuously by participating in the 5 modules. These modules can also be taken on an ad hoc basis as continuing education. To validate the certification, you will have to carry out a case study for each specialty.

Target audience:
Yoga and Pilates teachers and health professionals (Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, etc.)

Rates & Conditions

  • CHF 480.- (Conditions, see general conditions)