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Swiss Pilates and Yoga Fit for Life offers high-quality yoga and Pilates classes in small groups, private and semi-private. We also offer a year-long high-level Pilates instructor training where you learn how to apply effective programs for each postural type. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their own goals.

Swiss Pilates and Yoga Fit for Life offers comprehensive Pilates and Yoga courses based on in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pathology and postural integration.

Today’s society is more sedentary, our diet richer and physical activity limited for most of us. This lifestyle often generates muscle weakness, inappropriate postures responsible for back pain.

Swiss Pilates and Yoga offers a specific practice whose fundamental approach is based on work from the inside out by combining stabilizing muscles and mobilizing muscles. The muscles lengthen, gain in tone, the body strengthens in a balanced and harmonious way, thus promoting mental calming.

A unique style combining the latest scientific research techniques with the needs of the 21st century.

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