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back therapy

Prevent and cure back pain


Next date: Saturday January 18, 2025

Physiotherapy technique, Yoga and Pilates.

According to the figures recorded, the origin of back pain is incorrectly identified in 95% of cases and 5% of people over the age of thirty suffer from back pain. Maintaining a healthy back is essential, especially since this part of the body is solicited at the rate of 1500 to 2000 inclinations each day.

In this training you will learn:

  • The different causes that can cause pain and their contraindications.
  • How to create a back rehabilitation session taking into account the physiology of the pathology

Our exclusive Yoga and Pilates training program focused on back rehabilitation is an unmissable opportunity for health professionals, Yoga instructors and Pilates practitioners.

With a full training duration, you will be able to acquire all the necessary skills to help your clients regain optimal back health.

During our program, we emphasize learning the most advanced techniques to relieve back pain, strengthen back muscles and improve spinal flexibility. You will discover specific training sessions that skilfully combine Yoga postures and Pilates exercises adapted to back rehabilitation. These targeted workouts are designed to maximize therapeutic benefits and promote effective healing.

Our team of qualified experts will provide you with in-depth theoretical knowledge to understand health issues related to the spine. You will also learn the practical skills needed to guide your clients through their rehabilitation process. In addition to Yoga and Pilates techniques, we will teach you breathing, relaxation and meditation methods that will effectively complement back rehabilitation.

By joining our training, you will benefit from a comprehensive program that will include in-depth theoretical lessons, real-time practical demonstrations, group exercises for an interactive learning experience, as well as detailed educational resources to deepen your knowledge.

Our holistic approach will allow you to develop your professional skills and provide high quality back rehabilitation services to your clients.

Don't miss this opportunity to become an expert in back rehabilitation training.
Contact us now for more information on our training program and to reserve your place in our next session.

Transform the lives of your clients by providing comprehensive and effective back rehabilitation through our one-of-a-kind program. Together we can make a significant difference in the well-being of those who suffer from back problems.

Our Certifications

Our continuing education courses are ASCA recognized. Our institute is recognized as “Eduqua”, the Quality label for continuing education. Thanks to this label, you can benefit from a training voucher.

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Your trainer.

Your trainer.

Miranda and her team offer high quality Yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as high-level training.

Continuing education

Prevent and cure through the practice of Yoga and Pilates.

Complete course:
This training can be followed continuously by participating in the 5 modules. These modules can also be taken on an ad hoc basis as continuing education. To validate the certification, you will have to carry out a case study for each specialty.

Target audience:
Yoga and Pilates teachers and health professionals (Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, etc.)

Rates & Conditions

  • CHF 480.- (Conditions, see general conditions)