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200h YOGA Instructor

Complete training in 1 year

Who is the training for?

Do you want to give a new dimension and greater depth to your Yoga practice? Do you want to develop your intuition, expand your knowledge and gain the confidence to be able to teach others? During this training, you will dive into the heart of the art of Yoga in all its aspects. From the anatomy and physiology of the human body to the philosophy and origins of Yoga. You will get to know the great historical masters as well as the gurus.

The progressive structure of a session will be explained to you and you will be able to create your own themed lessons, while respecting postures and counterpostures. The pedagogy and the adjustment of the postures are deepened and evaluated in a group in a benevolent way to be able to progress in a healthy and optimal environment.

Our Certifications

Our Yoga training courses are approved and recognized by: “Yoga Alliance International”, a world-renowned organization, recognized and registered with the Indian government. Our continuing education courses are ASCA recognized. Our institute is recognized as “Eduqua”, the Quality label for continuing education. Thanks to this label, you can benefit from a training voucher.

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The themes

  • History & Philosophy

  • Anatomy

  • Meditation

  • Subtle Bodies

  • Teaching & Adjustments

6 Modules over one year

Module 1

Dates: March 22-23, 2025

  • Introduction and tradition of Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga – Pranayama – (breathing exercises)
  • The Chakras and the Energy System
  • Muladhara Chakra, Root Chakra
  • Human body anatomy and physiology, bone and muscle system
  • Category of postures: “hip opening”, “bend back”, “twisting”, “arm balance”, “standing position and inversions”
  • Suria Namaskar A and B, analysis and practice
Unit 2

Dates: April 12-13, 2025

  • Uddyana Bandha, Mulabandha, and Jalandarabandha, blockages
  • The anatomy of the Bandhas, anatomy of the abdominals: function and activation of each muscle
  • Anatomy and function of pelvic floor muscles, bones and disorders related to its weaknesses – prolapse, incontinence
  • Bandha systems: link and application, how to activate the muscles in question
  • History of Yoga since its creation: the Vedic and Tantric times
  • Study of the traditional scriptures of Yoga, the Upanishads
  • Create a Power Yoga class on the theme of "hip openings", which muscles to stretch in the preparation phase to create a class adapted to the physiology of the body, and the counter-postures to harmonize the movement and stay in balance
Unit 3

Dates: May 24-25, 2025

  • The different styles and gurus of Yoga: Krischnamajaria, Pattabhi Jois, Sharat, Ylengar and Westerners such as Baron Baptiste, Brian Kest, Shiva Rea and Jjivamukti
  • Analysis of the practice: Ashtanga Yoga class – first series
  • Anatomy of the back and rotator cuff: SIST, and the importance of this muscle
  • Yoga Sutra and the interpretations of Desikachar
  • Study of Chakras 2, 3, 4, – create a course to stimulate each Chakra
  • Partner Teach
  • Pranayamas – breathing techniques
  • The different meditation techniques
Module 4

Dates: June 14-15, 2025

  • Pranayama practice
  • The eight stages of Raja Yoga – how to move from Pranayama, breathing, to Pratyahara, withdrawing the senses. Differentiating between Dharana and Dhyana, concentration and meditation
  • Analysis of the practice: presentation of a course to stimulate a particular Chakra proposed by a participant
  • Characteristics of Chakras 5, 6 and 7, comparison of different course structures
  • Partner Teach
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human body, movements on the sagittal, coronal and transverse planes
  • The main muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the hips, shoulders, back, elbows, knees. Lateral bends and twists
  • Yoga Sutra: interpretations of Desikachar – chapter 3 – evolution of traditional scriptures and application to our time
  • Walk in meditation
Unit 5

Dates: August 30-31, 2025

  • Create a class on the topic of “bend back and twist”
  • Physiological principles: the muscles to be stretched/strengthened in the preparatory phase, counter-positions to create a balance of movement
  • Analysis of the practice: presentation of a course of the participants on the opening of a particular Chakra and on the openings of the hips
  • Anatomy and physiology of the body, the different pathologies, prevention and healing through the practice of Yoga
  • Yoga for pregnant women
  • Partner Yoga, principles and use in Yoga therapy
  • Ahimsa – non-violence, practice for peace and harmony applied in everyday life
  • Samadhi – definition and interpretations adapted to our times
  • Meditation
Module 6

Dates: September 27-28, 2025

  • Analysis of the practice, presentation of 3 courses proposed by the participants: “Partner Yoga”, “twisting”, “leaning back”
  • The Kriyas, methods of purification of the body
  • Prana: the breath, the life energy – where to find the most Prana?
  • Anatomy and physiology of the body: Yoga-therapy, specific course to improve certain typical pathologies
  • Review of the Power Yoga book, discussions and questions

Your trainer.

Your trainer.

Miranda and her team offer high quality Yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as high-level training.

Prerequisites & Exam

Prerequisites: Having followed a private session with an interview in our studio before registration.

Theoretical exam: Test 2 months after the last module.

Practical exam: Submit a document justifying 30 hours of lessons given to one or more "guinea pigs", with the contact details of the student(s) and e-mail address(es). In addition to the hours followed during the training, you will have to justify 30 hours of lessons taken in a Yoga studio after the 6 modules. The Yoga Instructor certificate is issued from 80% success during your evaluation.

Rates & Conditions

  • Registration fee CHF 300.-
  • 6 modules at CHF 680.-
  • Theory exam fee CHF 110.-
  • Practical exam fees CHF 110.-

    Total CHF 4600.-

Our graduates talk about it

Beatrice - Yoga 200H

Thank you very much for this beautiful year of Yoga. The training is really top, very complete, all the important subjects are covered during the year. Each module is well detailed and explained. The advantage for me of doing it over a year is that between each weekend we have time to study and put into practice the topics covered. Miranda is always available for additional information and information between 2 modules. A beautiful and very professional school, I highly recommend to anyone who wants to train in Yoga.

Namaste - Yoga 200H

Hello Miranda

I'm so happy!!! Thank you very much, you are a great teacher