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YOGA means union, affinity, unity.
Unity with self and the universe.

Miranda Mattig Kumar


Miranda Mattig Kumar is director of Swiss Pilates & Yoga Studios based in Geneva and founded in 2005.

Always passionate about movement, Yoga and Pilates therapist with federal diploma, she has been providing professional training in Yoga and Pilates for more than 15 years. Developing these techniques and passing on knowledge remain its main objectives. Find his collection of books on the store.

Training and qualifications

2020 - Federal Diploma of Yoga Therapist
  • 2001-2003 Advanced Exercise Science Diploma, University Sydney
  • 2004-2022 Asca Therapist Diploma for Postural Integration and Yoga 
  • 2004-2022 Diploma “school for continuing education for therapists” from ASCA 
  • 2005 Pilates alliance method diploma
  • 2005 Basi-body arts and science-comprehensive Pilates teacher diploma
  • 2006-2022 International diploma of Pilates method alliance 
  • 2006-2022 Yoga trainer diploma, 200h, 300h, 500h Yoga alliance 
  • 2005 Sinanda Yoga Teacher Diploma, Madrid
  • 2008 Ashtanga teacher certificate, Cologne
  • 2010 Certificate “yoga for families and kids” Rainbow yoga
  • 2010 Certificate in Osteoporosis, Buff bones, New York 
  • 2010 Fletcher ABC Foundational Course, Fletcher Pilates, Madrid
  • 2010 Back to basics, PHI University
  • 2010 Working with forward head posture, PHI University 
  • 2011 Scoliosis, Management and improvement, Pilates Therapeutics
  • 2011 Pelvic Core, Pilates Therapeutics
  • 2012 Breast Cancer Restoration, Pilates Therapeutics
  • 2014-2022 Quality certificate from our Institute, EDUQUA, Pro-formation
  • 2014 Advanced Pilates Repertoire, Basi Pilates, Istanbul 
  • 2015 Mindfulness training
  • 2018 Certified Yoga Educator 750h – Baptiste Institute
  • 2020 Federal Diploma of Yoga Therapist
  • 2021 RME certificate with federal diploma Yoga Therapy method

Swiss Pilates & Yoga

Swiss Pilates & Yoga

Since 2004,  Swiss Pilates & Yoga fit for life  offers complete Pilates and Yoga training based on in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pathology and postural integration.

Swiss Pilates & Yoga offers a specific practice whose fundamental approach is based on working from the inside out by combining the stabilizing muscles and the mobilizing muscles. The muscles lengthen, gain in tone, the body strengthens in a balanced and harmonious way, thus promoting mental calm.

We offer a unique style combining the most recent scientific research techniques with the needs of the 21st century. The objective of our school is to make the Pilates method and Yoga known in French-speaking Switzerland in depth, to develop our continuing education programs covering the areas of knee, back, osteoporosis, prenatal and postnatal therapy. , to maintain a register controlled by Eduqua once a year, a Swiss label certifying the quality of our training.

Training and qualifications

  • Yoga Alliance recognized
    - 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training
    - 300-hours Yoga Teacher Training
    - 500-hours Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Alliance recognized for “Ongoing training” / continuing education (YACEP)
  • Eduqua quality certificate for our institute
  • Asca aggregation for continuing education
  • Asca-approved 500H Yoga training to become a therapist
  • MEfit seal of quality

The team

  • Goula Legrand

    Yoga, Pilates & Barre
  • Nathalie A.

    Administrative Assistant
  • Charlotte Kieser

    Accounting - HR
  • Samantha Carlo

    Pilates & Yoga
  • Stephane Mbongo

  • Neyla Chlaib

    Pilates & Yoga
  • Stephanie Marclay

  • Alice Dottori

    Pilates & Yoga
  • Daniel VEKONY

    Pilates & Yoga
  • Miranda Mattig Kumar

    Yoga & Pilates trainer