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Give meaning to your life, reconnect to the essentials. This is what Miranda Mattig Kumar teaches us through her yoga classes. Quite an art! To the point of making it a work where the aesthetic dimension of this discipline appears in all its splendour. A beautiful gift, for Christmas for example, which delivers a message for life: take care of yourself, you are unique!

Gone are the austere imagery typically found in yoga books. Let it be said: yoga is a discipline combining art and dance! All this beauty, of which we are not always aware, is finally highlighted by Miranda Mattig Kumar in an art book that bears its name well: “Power Yoga”.

Black and white photos by Marc Ninghetto. To reveal all the artistic power released by yoga, Miranda called on a renowned photographer: Marc Ninghetto. The latter had the opportunity to put his talent at the service of major brands.

Explanatory cards. The book helps to understand the spirit of yoga in a more visual way. For readers curious to know more, the postures are explained in detail on cards, sold with or separately (box of 78 cards, double-sided printing). They are easy to carry and slip easily into a bag.

Also available in Payot bookstores and all FNAC stores in Switzerland.

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