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Relationships of Teaching Yoga / Pilates

Relational, human and psychological aspects in teaching Pilates & Yoga

Publics concernés : professeurs de Yoga et Pilates

Having a solid practice, good technical knowledges and an appropriate pedagogy are essential for teaching Pilates & Yoga. But is it enough ? Can we go further ? This training will bring you the answer. Relation between the instructor and the student  within a group or private class must be established following a safe and clear communication process and progress in line with the sensibility and needs of the student,  continually needs to adapt it to the psychological profiles of our students themselves evolving. We will see how to approach, understand and handle bases of those aspects to fulfil in the best possible way our mission being to create well-being above all.

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Miranda Mattig Kumar is certified PMA


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15 September 2018

  • Schedule : from 9h00 to 12h00
  • Price: Fr 240.- 
  • Instructor: Sandra Brandstetter



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