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300h YOGA Instructor

Complete training

Who is the training for?

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge and are you ready to grow further? Then sign up for our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training. To obtain the 500 hrs certification, it will be necessary to add to this 300 hrs training a 200 hrs certification. (you can follow this 200 hrs training in our Studio or be able to prove that you have obtained it from another Yoga Alliance certified center). During this training, you will learn more about the philosophy of Yoga, deepen your asanas and your practice and learn a lot about Yoga therapy. Personal development is as important as sharing your experience in order to become a better teacher. You will learn in a stimulating environment and get all the support you need to develop.

Our affiliates

Our Yoga training courses are approved and recognized by: “Yoga Alliance International”, a world-renowned organization, recognized and registered with the Indian government, but also “Eduqua”, the Quality label for continuing education. Thanks to this label, you can benefit from a training voucher.

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The themes

  • History & Philosophy

  • Anatomy

  • Meditation

  • Subtle Bodies

  • Teaching & Adjustments

Program of the training

Unit 7

Dates: August 20 & 21, 2022

  • review anatomy
  • Classes to open the hips
  • See the different fitting techniques
  • Principle of philosophy: Ahimsa, Gandhi
  • Course given by a participant
  • Practice inversions
  • Partner teach
  • Eye meditation and yoga
Module 8

Dates: December 3 & 4, 2022

  • Hatha Yoga session given by a participant
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Philosophy, Krischnamurti
  • Adjustments and improve lean back
  • Session to stimulate the chakras
  • Walking in meditation, Mindfulness
  • Practice inversions and meditation
Yoga Therapy Module

The 5 Continuing Therapy Training Modules can be taken at any time of the year.

  • Back therapy: January 21, 2023
  • Prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis: March 11, 2023
  • Prenatal Therapy:  February 04, 2023
  • Postnatal Therapy: May 06, 2023
  • Health of your knees & Improve your balance: June 10, 2023
Intensive Week 1

N°1: 08 to 12 August 2022

  • Deepen the fitting technique.
  • Read Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
  • Learn how to use the accessories, the block, the belts, the yoga wall, study the exercises from the book "Yoga-technique and philosophy".
  • Prepare themed sessions.
  • Partner Teach.
  • Deepen knowledge of the YogaSutras, in particular the principle of "Stira sukha".
  • Teach and practice eye yoga  .  Review anatomy and physiology.
Intensive Week 2

No. 2 : August 7 to 11, 2023

  • Pranayam.
  • Go deeper into adjustments, the 5 elements, hip openings and twists .  Analyze the anatomy of lean backs and inversions .
  • Philosopher of the 5 Kleshas.
  • Balance on the arms.
  • Anatomy of postures (eccentric-concentric)
Registration rules
  • To register for Modules 7 + 8, you must have participated in Intensive week No.1.
  • To register for Intensive Week No.2, you must have participated in Intensive Week No.1 as well as Modules 7 + 8.
  • The Therapy Continuing Education Modules can be taken at any time of the year.

Your trainer.

Your trainer.

Miranda and her team offer high quality Yoga and Pilates sessions, as well as high-level training.

Prerequisites & Exam

Having followed a private session with an interview in our studio before registration.

Evaluation exam:

Have followed the complete 300 h training and submit a document justifying 10 hours of case study concerning the Therapy Modules so that the 300 h Yoga Teacher Certificate can be issued to you.

For your training to be recognized as Yoga Alliance 500 h and ASCA, you must take the 200 h training (or be already certified 200 h) + take the 300 h training. (Our 200 h & 500 h trainings are already recognized YA, the process of recognition of our 300 h training with Yoga Alliance is in progress).

Rates & Conditions

  • Registration fee CHF 300.-
  • 2 modules at CHF 680.-
  • 5 Yoga therapy modules at CHF 480.-
  • Intensive week 1 CHF 1500.-
  • Intensive week 2 CHF 1500.-

    Total CHF 7060.- (Conditions, see form)

Our graduates talk about it

  • Celina - Yoga 300H

    Hello Miranda,
    Thank you very much for your feedback and your precious advice that I will apply for my future courses.
    I thank you for your kindness and your understanding towards me these last months. Thanks to you I learned a lot of things and the training is really great🙏.

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