Prices – Rates and conditions

Courses are paid in advance and can only be done within a predetermined period of time. Missed courses are replaced provided we are notified at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, they are charged. Paid and unpaid courses are non-refundable.

The duration of a session is 55 minutes.

Note: The rates mentioned apply to all types of classes: Postural Integration and Yoga Therapy.

Group sessions

Single session

CHF 38.- the session

Subscription to the card
  • 12 sessions, valid for 3 months: CHF 360
  • 24 sessions, valid for 6 months: CHF 720
Annual subscription

1 course per week CHF 120.- per month (total CHF 1440.-)

or CHF 1300.- year

Unlimited annual subscription

Unlimited access to the room:

  • CHF 234.- per month (total CHF 2808.-) or CHF 2600.- for the year
  • AVS / AI / RMI / Unemployment /Students CHF 199.- per month (total 2388) or CHF 2100.- for the year (on presentation of a proof)
CHF 320.- per month of unlimited group courses without commitment
Golden Pass Combo

CHF 400.- 1 private lesson + 1 month of unlimited group lessons without commitment.

Semi-private sessions

Single session

CHF 60.- session per person

5-session package

CHF 275 .- per person, valid for 10 weeks

Package 10 sessions

CHF 550.- per person, valid for 15 weeks

Private sessions

Single session

CHF 120.- the session

5-session package

CHF 550.- valid for 10 weeks

Package 10 sessions

CHF 1000.- valid for 15 weeks

Children’s Yoga

Per quarter

CHF 360 per quarter (x3) – Annual registration

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Classes are open to everybody. We look forward to meeting you.

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