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Pilates and Yoga

Pregnancy causes significant postural and hormonal changes.  Throughout this module you will learn how you can help mothers-to-be stay in shape,strengthen their pelvic floor and improve their posture, to enable them to have an easier birth, shorten their post-natal recovery period and prevent incontinence problems 

  • 23 november 2019 – 9-4pm – CHF 480.-

Pilates and Yoga
Post-natal & Pre-natal

Postnatal: Throughout pregnancy the baby bears it’s weight on the mother’s bladder and organs. The post-natal exercises studied promote recovery of these organs and the strengthening of the perineum.

Rehabilitation begins with inversion exercises for the pelvic floor, and only afterwards with abdominal work.

It is important to check that the exercises are performed correctly in order not to increase intra-abdominal pressure. You will learn in detail the various stages of rehabilitation and ways to create varied lessons, while respecting the body’s physiology.

Prenatal: During this program you will learn how to help futur mothers to keep healthy and reinforce pelvic floor.

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Practical Information

  • Number of lesson days incorporated into the training : 1 day
  • Next lesson dates : 02 May 2020 (postnatal) – 23 November 2019 (prenatal)
  • Time : from 09 am to 16 pm
  • Evaluation: Case Study

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