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Swiss Pilates & Yoga offers Pilates sessions which are based on working from the inside out, targeting mobilizing and stabilizing muscles, lessons are conducted in small groups, private or semi-private. We also offer complete trainings lasting a year where you’ll learn to match efficient programmes.

Our objective is to help our customers reach their goals.

Why should you practice:

While working on breathing, Pilates helps strengthen balance by rediscovering one’s “epicenter” optimizing mental and physical coordination.

Pilates also has a positive influence on cardiovascular and breathing capacity.

We focus particularly on the abdominal belt, with a high level of care on the pelvic floor muscles (which tend to be forgotten when working on abdominals ) and real benefits for your back.


Get a toned, lean body

Improve your posture

Get rid of your back pains

Pilates course schedules


Salle 1 :

  • 10h00 – Pilates all levels – Elodie
  • 12h30 – Pilates intermediate – Elodie 

Salle 1 :

  • 12h30 – Pilates débutant – Krisztina (suspended during summer)

Salle 1 :

  • 10h00 – Pilates beginner – Jana 
  • 19h00 – Pilates intermediate – Samantha

Salle 1 :

  • 19h00 – Pilates beginner – Elodie (suspended during summer)

Salle 1 :

  • 12h30 – Pilates tous niveaux – Miranda (suspended during summer)

Salle 1 :

  • 11h00 – Pilates intermediate – Monica (suspended during summer)

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