Pilates Professional Training Diploma

Complete training in 1 year

Pilates training

  • Recognized by Eduqua (which may entitle you to a training cheque of CHF 750 .- / year)
  • Instructor recognized by Pilates Method Alliance and ASCA therapist since 2005


Pedagogical Interview + Private Course at SWISS PILATES & YOGA Studio

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The different modules

Module 1
  • History of Pilates and his theory
  • Anatomy & physiology of the human body
  • Bone and muscle structure
  • Teaching instructions (vertebral, visual and tactile)
  • Educational construction for private lessons and groups
  • Safety instructions
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Progressions and variations of basic movements

Dates : 18 – 19 september 2021

Module 2
  • Structure a course. Intermediate and advanced exercises. Proprioceptive accessories: small balls, Bosu and Swissball. Distinguish the stabilizing muscles and mobilizing muscles
  • Postural analyzes. Typology of different postures + creation of adapted programs
  • Define objectives, flexibility tests
  • Skeletal system and muscles
  • Discoveries and movements the transition
  • Placement techniques and contraindications
  • Analysis of specific movements for each case
  • Create a training program tailored to everyone’s needs
  • Senior Program, Pregnant Women’s Course

Dates: 09 – 10 October 2021

Module 3
  • Creation of a course on the Reformer respecting the physiology of the body
  • Basic exercises and objectives
  • Program for beginners and intermediates
  • Respect of the postural types and the objectives of the customers. Investment and correction guidelines
  • The importance of the order of exercises to develop the body harmoniously
  • Structure and program
  • Intermediate and Advanced Exercises on the Reformer
  • Requirements for necessary modifications for specific cases
  • Approaches for pregnant women, sciatica, stenosis, discopathies and herniated discs

Dates : 13 -14 november 2021

Module 4
  • Basic movements and goals
  • Learning exercises for beginners and advanced
  • Integrations of Pilates exercises with the basics of “MAT”
  • Work on Cadillac
  • Revision of the contraindications for various pathologies, modifications and possible variants while respecting the functional physiology of the body

Dates : 11 -12 december 2021

Module 5
  • Structure a session on the chair and barrel by adapting the level to practice
  • Progressions and variations of exercises
  • Revision of the anatomy and physiology of the body
  • Dorsal rehabilitation and postural improvement using this equipment
  • Specific exercises on the barrel in case of kyphosis

Dates:  08 – 09 January 2022

Module 6
  • Anatomy and functional alignments of the skeleton
  • Develop progressions from the program of
    base with accessories: foam roller, small ball, magic circle
  • Adapt advanced directory to specific needs
    such as back pain and postural problems
  • Create advanced programs to correct each postural type
  • Scenario and analysis of the practice with the group

Dates:  April 22 – 23 2022

The training is provided by Miranda Mattig Kumar, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

Examination conditions

  • Obligation to have practiced 30 hours of teaching with real clients and present a study of each case (presentation of a summary detailing the implementation of the programs and sessions applied).
  • Have followed 30 hours of personal lessons.
  • 20 hours of course observation
  • Revision of all modules for the final test (30 hours)
  • Combine all equipment for individual sessions and small groups (2 or 3 people).

Test final

Accreditation of the 6 levels is required to obtain the Pilates Instructor Diploma.

The final test consists of a theoretical examination of anatomy and physiology lasting 1h30 and a practical exam in the form of a course with a student of your choice.

Are evaluated: the technique, the structure of the course and the pedagogy. We must reach 80% success to validate the exam.

In the event of failure, a revision and / or practice program will have to be established to improve the weak points and to pass again a second time.

It is important to continue to train to keep your knowledge up to date and stimulate your personal research, in order to guarantee the quality of your courses. We offer a range of “Continuous Training” on 1 day.

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