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Formation Pilates Mat Intensive

Once you are ready to deepen your Pilates practice, this module offers you the fundamentals for Mat Practice, by combining level 1 and 2 Mat advanced with accessories. The intensive one week training module creates the vital foundation for anyone who wants to follow the Complete Pilates Master training. This modules allows you to:

  • Understand the theory of Pilates in relation to anatomy
  • Identify the different posture types
  • Integrate mat practice with variations that adapt to individual needs
  • Next dates: 2-6 July 2018 9h00 – 16h00  (lunch break: 12h00-14h00)
  • (40 hours of training + 30 hours of personal practice)

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Diploma MASTER Pilates
Complete training within 10 months 

Requirements / Program Outline:

  • 20 hours of Pilates practice prior to enrolment
  • private training session prior to enrolment at the studio SWISS PILATES & YOGA
  • completion of Pilates Intensive training in summer (70 heures)
  • 6 training modules (264 heures)
  • 30 hours of Pilates courses given (teacher training)
  • 30 hours of personal machine practice after completion of module 6
  • 20 hours of observation throughout the training period
  • 30 hours of revision


Total: 464 hours training

  • History of Pilates and background theory
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Muscular and skeletal structures
  • Instructions for teaching (visual, tactile)
  • Instructions for teaching group / private classes
  • Security instructions
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Progression and variation of basic movements
  • 14 hours + 30 hours personal practice
  • Dates: 22 – 23 September 2018
  • How to structure a class. Intermediate and advanced exercises. Proprioceptive accessories: little balls, Bosu and Swissball. Distinguish stabilising and mobilising muscles
  • Postural Analysis: Different posture types and creating of adapted programs
  • Define objectives, flexibility tests
  • Skeletal and muscular system
  • Warm up and transition movements
  • Techniques for placing students and counter indications
  • Analysis of specific movements for each case
  • Create a training program that is adapted to the requirements of the individual
  • Program for seniors and pregnant women
  • 14 hours + 30 hours personal practice
  • Practical and pedagogical test at the end  of the module
  • 80% pass rate required to progress to next level
  • Dates: 13 – 14 October 2018
  • Create a Reformer class with respect of the physiology of the body.
  • Basic exercises and objectives
  • Program for beginners and intermediates
  • Respect posture types and client’s objectives. Placement instructions and corrections
  • Importance of the order of exercises in order to develop harmoniously
  • Structure and program
  • Intermediate and advanced exercises on Reformer
  • Modifications for specific situations
  • Approach for pregnant women, sciatica, stenosis, herniated disc, discopathy
  • 14 hours + 30 hours personal practice
  • Dates: 17 – 18 November 2018
  • Basic movements and objectives
  • Apprenticeship of exercises for beginners and advanced practitioners
  • Integration of fundamental MAT Pilates exercises
  • Work on the Cadillac
  • Revision of counter indications for several pathologies, possible modifications and versions that respect the physiology and function of the body
  • 14 hours + 30 hours personal practice
  • Dates: 17- 18 December 2018
  • How to structure a Chair and Baril class that is adapted to the level of the practitioner
  • Progression and variations of exercises
  • Revision of anatomy and physiology
  • Functional re-education of the back and posture improvement with equipment
  • Specific Baril exercises for kyphosis
  • 14 hours + 60 hours * personal practice to integrate the entire training program
  • Dates: 12 – 13 january 2019
  • * 60 hours represent 30 hours of personal practice taken (on machines) as well as 30 hours of classes given to test students. We also require a detailed outline of the training program as well as the personal details of the test students.
  • Anatomy and functional alignment
  • Elaborate progression from a basic program with accessories: foam roller, little balls, magic circle,
  • Adapt your advanced repertoire to specific requirements i.e. back pain, postural problems
  • Create an advanced program to correct each posture type
  • Give a class to the group and analyse
  • 14 hours + 30 hours personal practice
  • Dates: 27 – 28 April 2019

This module is reserved for successful participants of the “Pilates Instructor” Basics training only

You will revise all Reformer and Cadillac exercises especially those that are recommended for advanced or frequent practitioners.
You learn how to make exercises more accessible and how to modify progressively to enable the student to execute movements correctly.

This training allows you to deepen your personal practice and to revise the classic repertoire with insight into new physical education research

Dates: next date to be confirmed 2018 

The summer Pilates Mat 1 & 2 training session is for all those who want to acquire more knowledge, it can be done independently of the initial modules’training.

02 – 06 July 2018

from 9h00 to 12h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00

Pilates Instructor Registration 

Registration PILATES MAT – Summer 2018

  • Prerequisite:  : assessment interview, private class, Mat Intensive training 
  • 20 hours of Pilates practice prior to training begin


Training provided by Miranda Mattig Kumar, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher


Exam conditions

  • 30 hours of practice with real clients is obligatory, presentation of a case study (summary of program details)
  • 30 hours of personal practice
  • Revision of all training levels for the final exam (30 hours)
  • 20 hours of class observation (throughout the training period)
  • Combine all equipment for individual and small group classes (2- 3 people)

Final test

Accreditation of the 6 levels is required to obtain the diploma Pilates Instructor

The final test consists of a theoretical exam on anatomy and physiology (1,5hrs) as well as a practical exam in the form of a pilates class with a student of your choice which assesses your movement and teaching skills.

Evaluation criteria: skill, course structure, pedagogy. 80% pass rate is required to validate your exam

In case of failure, a revision program and /or practice are establish to improve the weak points and to enable success during the exam retake.

After having received your diploma, you need to follow a minimum of 2 days of continuing training every 2 years to validate your qualification. It is important to continue your own training in order to maintain your knowledge and to stimulate your personal research for your classes to guarantee high quality.

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